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Hamahiga Tuifa (Tonfa)

The Hamahiga Tuifa is for the serious practicioner.
The old style design is hand crafted to traditional Kobudo specifications.
It is designed for combat.
It is NOT round and light in weight for competition purposes.

The Hamahiga Tuifa is a serious Kobudo weapon.

It is made of Jatoba, a very popular wood in Okinawa, or
Cocobolo/Jatoba or Rosewood/Jatoba Laminates.

Handcrafted and perfectly balanced.

The Hamahiga Tuifa is slightly heavier than Oak and very strong.

All weapons are custom made for the individual

Measure from the tip of the extended index finger to the end of the bent elbow.
Then add 1/2 inch. This is the perfect Tonfa length!

click weapon image for a larger view

Exotic Hardwoods

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Exotic Hardwood Laminates

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 Rare Okinawa Laminate to Exotic hardwoods

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"Original Tonfa"
original tonfa
This is a picture of the original use of the Tuifa.
It was used in a household "Mill Stone" for making bean or rice flower.
Later in history it turned into a weapon.

Even though there is a popular Tuifa Kata named after the island,
there are no weapons on Hamahiga.

No warriors came from Hamahiga Island.
The small island's resources industry is predominately fishing.

The island has 2 small villages, Hama at one end and Higa at the other end.
The island is named after the 2 villages,

Hamahiga Jima.