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Energy Sai of Agena

The World's Finest Authentic Handcrafted Sai
The perfectly balanced Sai!
All weapons are custom made for the individual *
(All Sai come unwrapped)

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* How to measure for a perfect fit of your Sai

Measure from the tip of the extended index finger to the end of the bent elbow.
Then add 1/2 inch.
This is the perfect Sai length


Stainless - Heat Treated Standard (9/16" dia.)
Retail Price $512.00 * * * Sale Price $411.00

Stainless - Heat Treated Deluxe (5/8" dia.)
Retail Price $549.00 * * * Sale Price $442.00

Stainless - Buffed Standard (9/16" dia.)
Retail Price $529.00 * * * Sale Price $422.00

Stainless Deluxe (5/8" dia.)
Retail Price $559.00 * * * Sale Price $452.00

Nylon wrap, add $28
Copper wrap, add $62
Nickel wrap, add $69

S/H: $28.00

International S/H: $65


In Okinawa Martial Arts History, the finest handmade Sai came from the Miyahira Family.
They passed the secret technique of making the Sai to their son who continued the craft.
The superb balance and shape made the Sai a perfect weapon for combat.
They were the preferred choice of the Masters.

With the occupation of the Americans, after World War II,
Mr. Miyahira made Sai for American GI's who were studying Karate.
Those who are fortunate to have a Miyahira Sai,
have a work of art that can be passed down as an heirloom.
American GI's could not approach Mr. Miyahira unless under the recommendation of an Okinawan Master.
Even though there were Americans who watched him make Sai,
Mr. Miyahira made sure the family secret technique was safely guarded.


Mr. Miyahira learned Sai making from his father, who learned it from his father before him, and so on.
For centuries they made the finest hand crafted Sai.
There is no accurate account of the Miyahira Family history.
It was destroyed during World War II.
In recent years, Mr. Miyahira retired from making Sai without a successor.
Everyone thought the perfectly balanced Miyahira Sai would be lost to history.
Fortunately, there is someone who is taking over the Miyahira Sai craft.
He is commissioned to make the Sai for all serious Martial Artists.
The secret technique in making the Energy Sai of Agena, cannot be duplicated by casting.
The perfectly balanced Agena Sai is hand-crafted according to very strict specifications.
It is a true Okinawa traditional design, round, not octagonal as so many others.
No other Sai compares to the Agena Sai. It is the finest quality and has been proven throughout history.
Sai over the years
The Masters of Okinawa revere it to be,
"The finest we have seen in decades."
It was the preferred choice of the old time Masters.

You invest years of training to perfect your Martial Art.
You deserve the best and now you can have it!